College Anthem

Aloysians all our voice let’s raise
In songs of loyalty
Let’s sing our Alma Mater’s praise
Here’s to our S.A.C.
Aloysians all, let’s rally round
Aloysians young and old,
Let’s cheer till loud our halls resound,
Our flag of green and gold.

Pure as the lilies of our crest,
Our thoughts and deeds e’er be
Fresh as the sea wind be our zest
To keep right manfully,

The rule of S.A.C.
We learnt at S.A.C.
At halls of S.A.C.
Beside the southern sea

Aloysians all let’s young and old
E’er loyal be to her
And ‘neath our banner Green and Gold
Cer-ta Ve-ri-liter..!

Words by : Miss D. Anghie
Music by : Strom Sidicinu S.J

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