St. Aloysius’ College is situated on Mount Calvary, neighboring St. Mary’s Cathedral on one side and Sacred Heart Convent on the other. The college was established in 1895 by Jesuit fathers and was named after the Jesuit Saint, Saint Aloysius Gonzaga (born on 9 March 1568). Saint Aloysius’ is regarded as the Saint of Youth by the Jesuits because of the heroic acts that he had performed when he was a young Jesuit helping Plague victims in Rome, Italy in 1587. After a few years helping plague victims, young Saint Aloysius died on 21 June 1591 at the age of 23 when he himself contracted the disease. St. Aloysius’ College, Galle, is one of many schools named after Saint Aloysius, and many exist all around the world including schools in Glasgow-Scotland, Sydney-Australia, Bangalore-India, Malta, London-England etc.Until the Sri Lankan government brought legislation for nationalization of schools in the island (with an exception of only a few schools), St. Aloysius’ College was run by Jesuit Fathers and the medium of instruction was English. The first Buddhist Principal was appointed in the year 1971 and subsequently the medium of instruction was changed to Sinhala.

College Anthem

Aloysians all our voice let’s raise
In songs of loyalty
Let’s sing our Alma Mater’s praise
Here’s to our S.A.C.
Aloysians all, let’s rally round
Aloysians young and old,
Let’s cheer till loud our halls resound,
Our flag of green and gold.

Pure as the lilies of our crest,
Our thoughts and deeds e’er be
Fresh as the sea wind be our zest
To keep right manfully,

The rule of S.A.C.
We learnt at S.A.C.
At halls of S.A.C.
Beside the southern sea

Aloysians all let’s young and old
E’er loyal be to her
And ‘neath our banner Green and Gold
Cer-ta Ve-ri-liter..!

Words by : Miss D. Anghie
Music by : Strom Sidicinu S.J


Period Details
1910 – 1921 Rev. Fr. Dionysius Murphy S.J
1921 – 1925 Rev. Fr. John Delaney S.J
1925 – 1949 Rev. Fr. Ernest Gaspard S.J
1949 – 1962 Rev. Fr. Paul N. Peiris S.J
1963 – 1968 Rev. Fr. Caspersz S.J
1968 – 1970 Rev. Fr. Stephen Fernando S.J (Acting)
1970 – 1971 Rev. Fr. Caspersz S.J
13 June 1971 – 1 April 1972 B. K. Silva
1 April 1972 – 28 February 1973 Dunstan Fernando
28 February 1973 – 3 August 1973 J. B. Varnakulasingham (Acting)
3 August 1973 – 22 December 1975 L. D. P. Jayasinghe
22 December 1975 – 25 May 1976 A. B. J. L. Fernando (Acting)
25 May 1976 – 7 January 1987 D. Y. Wijewickrama
7 January 1987 – 1996 A. V. Illeperuma
1996 – 2004 N. K. Ariyawansa
2004 –2004 Nandasena Pathirana (Acting)
2004 – 2014 D. P. L. S. Gunasekara
2014 – 2014 Piyasiri (Acting)
2014 – 2017 October Ranjith Thilakarathne
2017 – 2017 L.P.Weeraman(Acting)
2017–Present Nayanapriya Perera